Induruwa is a scenic fishing village with a beautiful, tranquil beach with railway station in the middle. Though a small village, the local market and the string of shops are geared towards welcoming the tourists and travelers.

Induruwa Beach: The offshore reef at lovely Induruwa beach makes it a safe swimming area. In comparison with the beaches to immediate north and south, Induruwa is somnolent beach.



Ventura Beach

Dalawella Beach

Bentota Beach


Bentota Lake sits sandwiched between the town’s coast and the main city. There are restaurants on its shore from where guests can enjoy a delicious meal while taking in the beautiful views over the lake, and possibly sight birds and fish from the surrounding area. The lake is ideal for those looking for a break from the sport and tourist activities of its larger and more popular neighbours, such as the Bentara River and Bentota’s beach.


The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project is a small venue in Kosgoda that’s run by volunteers and relies on donations to help protect Sri Lanka’s turtles from extinction.


The central aim of the project is to monitor local sea turtle activity and to conserve the local nesting sites. A crucial element is the hatchery, where rescued eggs can hatch safely, away from the clutches of potential predators (or poachers) before being released into the ocean at night. In addition, a selection from each hatching are kept at the sanctuary for a short period for 'headstarting' before their release.


Diving and snorkelling are two popular water activities done in Bentota, being the epicentre for adventure and water sports in Sri Lanka.A popular activity providing thrilling fun under the sea.


Visit The UNESCO site of Galle Fort, a fort built by the Portuguese and Dutch during the colonial period.

The fort and the immediate surrounding area is a beautiful combination of religions and traditions - influenced by the wide variety of cultures of the different people who have lived there over the years, as well as those currently residing there. It has recently developed into a hotspot for shopping, cafes, restaurants and bars making it a quaint blend of old and modern.


Brief Gardens, famous garden and country residence of Bevis Bawa who had inspired his brother, Geoffrey Bawa to build Lunuganga. An amazing place consisting bathing fountains, sculptures  and ponds among a stunning landscaped area that was once a rubber plantation.

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